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Medical Spa Marketing

Aug 10, 2016

3 Overlooked Medspa Marketing Techniques You Need To Consider

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by Karrie Lucero
Medspa marketing these days is a little more involved than tweeting and liking posts.
Blogs, SEO, and a beautiful website are all very important marketing techniques that help your business to grow online, but there are some techniques that you can use to build your reputation in the local community. Here are three overlooked strategies you might be missing out on!


In any business, knowing others within your field is vital to growing your business within your community. Networking allows you to not only grow your client contact list but also your colleague connections. As a medspa, your business is unique because you share clientele with several other businesses that you do not directly compete with such as day spas, barbers and beauty salons. 
Service-oriented businesses rely heavily on testimonials and referrals. By building relationships with these non-competition businesses, you can greatly increase your reach within the community. It also allows you to build professional rapport and reputation with your business peers. With positive colleague relationships, you can gain referrals and also team up for cross-promotions to benefit both businesses.
Networking requires communication from both parties. In order to build your network, you must meet several people and help others grow their network by connecting them to your contacts. Building a successful network requires you to:
  • Be visible: 
    In order to meet new contacts, you need to be visible to other people. Find local events in your field and make the time to attend.
  • Ask and listen: 
    Building relationships requires both talking and listening. When making connections, ask questions to learn more about others and listen to what they are looking to do with their business.
  • Keep in touch: 
    Relationships require constant work. In order to truly build reliable networks, you need to follow-up with contacts and stay in touch after meeting or planning cross-promotions.


All of your current and potential clientele have one thing in common—they are part of your local community. Being involved in the community doesn’t have to be a complicated or difficult process, but it is an extremely useful medspa marketing technique. Start by getting involved with local groups, boards and forums within the medical spa world. This will also serve as a great networking base!
Medical Spa involved in marketing
In addition, don’t be afraid to brag about your business. If your medical spa was recently voted top medspa in your community or you’ve recently been certified for a new, cutting-edge treatment, don’t hesitate to talk about it. Post your successes on your blog, social media, or even with a press release. This builds your credibility and a basis for trust with potential consumers.
Finally, volunteer your time to become more visible in your community. To successfully do this, you need to know your clientele. By developing , you gain insight into your clientele’s personality, interests, and purchasing habits. Knowing your clients’ likes and dislikes will help to narrow down what causes or events you should volunteer with. Partner with local health fairs or community health screenings, where you can share your expertise and tips for protecting skin during the summer or effective weight loss and dieting tips. Your goals should be to entice visitors to sign up for your email list or loyalty program, or even hand out sales promotions to encourage them to schedule an appointment.


A successful business relies on satisfied customers. Your current clients are your biggest source of word-of-mouth advertising and referral because they’ve experienced your service first-hand. Therefore, the sales process doesn’t end once someone becomes a client at your medical spa. Rather, it is an ongoing process, where you must delight your customers in order to build a relationship and trust with them.
 recommends three steps to delight your consumers:
  1. Answer clients’ questions: 
    Delighted customers experience minimal problems with your product or service. In order to delight your clientele, you must exceed their expectations. This is where buyer personas are a necessity. Knowing your clients gives you a heads up on what questions to expect and the best formats (e.g., email, video, phone call, etc.) to answer them.
  2. Solve client headaches: 
    Try to think of ways to show that your client will have a smooth, successful experience with your business. For example, you could send follow-up emails after treatments with post-treatment tips, how-to product demonstration videos, or even an informational podcast. Overall, the fewer issues clients experience with your business, the more delighted they’ll be.
  3. Provide exceptional customer service: 
    There is no way to prevent each customer from experiencing problems. Inevitably there will be issues you will have to address and find solutions to. You don’t have to provide customer service 24 hours a day or 365 days per year, but it’s extremely important that you be accessible to your clients. By providing a phone line, email, or even a website chat service, you can help improve your consumers’ experience.


Developing a medspa marketing strategy is no simple task. There are multiple elements that, when combined, can help your business grow and find potential new clientele. By planning and utilizing local resources such as networking, community involvement, and your current consumers, you can grow both your client and colleague contact list, increase your reach, and grow your business.
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