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Mar 31, 2021

5 Reasons Architects Need to be on Social Media

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by Nicole Stiverson
Building your without drawing from the cost-effective benefits of implementing social media marketing into the blueprint could topple your marketing efforts and miss the mark when building a connection with your peers, customers, and builders.

How Social Media Can Benefit Your Marketing Strategy

Consistent, relevant, and updated content increases the odds that your brand, your story, and your hard work remain front and center to your clients, more importantly, potential clients. Here are 5 reasons to maintain a social media presence.

1. Boost Visibility With the Right Audience

One of the best parts about social media is you don’t have to be a famous high-end architect to be “discovered.” Social media platforms provide a level playing field for big, well-known firms as well as boutique, niche, unknown and up-and-coming designers and architects to connect, collaborate and learn from each other.
Your firm needs a marketing team knows social media marketing strategy and can help upskill internal teams. With a partner like , you and your firm can be positioned expertly to the more than 3.5 billion social media users worldwide. All you need is a ‘like,’ ‘share’, or a comment to start conversations—and ultimately conversions.

2. Build Connections and Join Communities Organically: 

Look, you can’t expect to be a part of the conversation if you don’t create one! Sharing on social media platforms is the beginning of bringing your story—Why do you do what you do—right to the screens of potential clients, collaborators, contractors, and builders you’re aiming to connect with.
People are familiar and comfortable with social media being part of their everyday lives and engrained in their buyer journey. But don’t be mistaken. People aren’t on to be hard-sold with intrusive advertising; they want to be educated in your business with the stories you post, the videos you share, and the photos you upload.

3. Architecture Is A Visual Business. So Is Social Media: 

Social media is visually dominant. Companies that regularly post original video and photo content are more likely to . Sharing your sketches, CAD drawings, virtual blueprints, or a video tour of recent projects can show off your skills and push you to the top as an industry leader without typing a word.

4. Grasp At Your Buyer Persona, Specific Demographics and Communities: 

The value of working with a knowledgeable marketing team is that they know how to reach the particular audience you are looking to start a conversation with, through tech-savvy goals, metrics, lead tracking, and keeping up-to-date with ever-evolving algorithms. Whether it’s business-to-business peers or clients you want to work with, targeted campaigns specific to social media can make all the difference in the world.

5. Lower costs, more leads: 

As we mentioned above, social media isn’t about selling to the client. Instead, it’s understanding the client and showing them how your firm can better their lives. Cold-calling, door-to-door sales, and snail-mail postcards may still have their purpose, but if you don’t have a targeted campaign, you may as well throw your marketing budget dollars out the window.
Incorporating social media into your marketing campaign creates awareness of your brand and story. Implement an inbound approach where content can be automated, re-used, re-purposed, and continually updated as your goals change and grow with your company without a “one-and-done” approach like pay-per-click ads or print advertising.

Continuing the conversation: Why work with a marketing team like Watermark?

Let’s remember one thing. Just like your industry is always adjusting and evolving with new technological advancements, so is social media.  
today, and we’ll help you draw up a marketing blueprint that is effective and efficient in building your brand, your story, and connect with your leads where and when they want.