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Jun 12, 2020

Act justly. Love mercy. Walk humbly.

Watermark Coffee Mug
by Nicole Stiverson
In this time of turmoil, Watermark stands with the black community.
It’s time for justice for a community that has been mistreated and wrongly labeled. It’s time to love mercy and acknowledge the wrongs, and to make changes, so it never happens again. And it’s time to walk humbly with those that are being suppressed. 
, , , and all the others that have had their lives taken unjustly. We will not forget you and your lives matter. Now is a time for change!
One of our core values is Better Together, which extends to our team members and our community. 
If you want to join us in making a change, please consider buying a gaiter with our core value “Better Together” message. 100% of the proceeds will go to , a not-for-profit organization that mobilizes arts and education for social justice.