Jan 13, 2016

Emerging Marketing Trends for 2016

by Gini Queen
Marketing Trends

With a new year comes new ways for companies to market to their consumers.

Between new trends and technologies, here are some of the emerging 2016 marketing trends.


Marketing efforts for 2016 will be more geared to “personalization” than ever before. This is known as “relationship marketing.” Today’s consumers want (and expect) honesty, transparency, and 24/7 support for their individual needs, wants and desires. Sounds like an impossible fete, but thanks to the technology and social networks available (and new ones popping up daily!), savvy marketers can develop and engage in real relationships with their consumers.


Today’s mobile society expects every tweet, post or email to be pertinent to them, personally, rather than be considered just “part of a database.” You may think identifying personas, and then segmenting those personas within your marketing database sounds a lot like “Big Brother,” but it is extremely powerful information in order to deliver to your customers what then way, when they want it, how they want it.

A robust marketing database can identify who your customers truly are, so you can develop personas that identify appropriate marketing messages to cater directly to them. This information can then be “drilled down” even further to different segments to address different stages of that particular customer’s buying cycle:

  • Just browsing (awareness)

  • Exploring the options (consideration)

  • Ready to “pull the trigger” (decision)

How, you ask, do you compile this kind of database? If you’re already implementing social media, email marketing, and blogging into your marketing mix, you already have it! Every time a consumer does a search engine query, answers an email, clicks on an offer, responds to a blog—that’s crucial information that can be applied to your persona-building efforts—it just needs to be all tied together with one neat analytical bow!

If you would like to explore the vast opportunities of “data mining” to determine potential clients as well as engage and consistently satisfy current customers, check out this article about the benefits of marketing automation.

No matter your business, implementing these emerging marketing trends will help improve your sales in 2016.

Have you had success with either of these marketing trends? Tell us below!