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Digital marketers building powerful online credibility
Oct 17, 2018

How to Build Powerful Online Credibility

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by Karrie Lucero
Your business’ online presence says a lot about its marketing practices.
Successful online marketing tactics can help to build online credibility and establish a powerful reputation; however, establishing your business online doesn’t have to be a daunting task! 
Building your business’s online reputation is very similar to implementing basic inbound and SEO marketing techniques. In fact, you could say that building online credibility is a sub-task of these two tactics and is a vital part of your inbound marketing strategy. Like inbound and SEO techniques, online credibility starts with building a strong online presence and making yourself more visible to consumers. This means your business must be active online, primarily through its website and social media.


Blogging is one of the most critical online tools for businesses to not only gain visibility online but also gain credibility. I know what you’re thinking: “What can my business blog about?” Start by trading places with your consumers and think about the types of questions they might have about your business. This can help you start brainstorming blog content ideas.
When writing blogs, it’s important to consider two things—keywords and posting frequency. Keywords are a major factor in your business’s SEO and search engine rankings. By strategically placing them within your blog posts, you can increase your ranking in search results, which will help consumers find you online. Blogging also requires dedication and consistent posting, meaning you should be posting new content to your website at least once a week.
Blogging allows you to link to other online sources and content on your website. It helps to build online credibility in the same way. The more visible you are online, the more likely you are to receive  from other websites who link to your website. 


Social media has become one of the easiest ways to connect and communicate with consumers. It allows for mass communication and interaction, making it an extremely useful tool to actively listen to your target market and understand exactly what they’re looking for. Running effective social media accounts requires you to be open and transparent online. Therefore, posting content that keeps consumers informed is a must, but you also shouldn’t be afraid to also post content that is humorous, silly, or not necessarily news-related. 
The most important thing is to encourage consumers to interact and communicate with you. By responding to questions and concerns quickly—don’t beat around the bush—you establish open communication and trust with consumers. Remember, consumers that can voice their opinion and concerns online and receive prompt, truthful answers will be happier consumers.


One of the most useful inbound marketing tools is premium content. Premium content includes items such as eBooks, podcasts, or infographics that consumers can download from your website after providing their contact information on a landing page. This content helps introduce your business and draw online consumers into the sales funnel.
Premium content helps build online credibility because it shows your business knows what it’s talking about.  explains that due to the fact that premium content comes from an expert in your industry, the information you provide is believed to be more credible. Plus, you can follow up with individuals who download premium content via email, which can help move them further down the sales funnel. 
When starting your journey into the online community, it’s important to remember that building online credibility for your business takes time. It requires you to establish an online presence through your website and social media accounts. By founding a strong online presence, you can begin drawing consumers to your business by encouraging interaction and communication, as well as providing relevant information through blogs and premium content. This will help to establish a powerful reputation on the web and position yourself in consumers’ minds as a credible source online.
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