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Celebrating a successful email marketing campaign

Aug 3, 2016

How to Create a Successful MedSpa Email Campaign

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by Karrie Lucero
Think of your email inbox. Chances are you have more than one email in there sent to you by a business, but how did you end up on their email list? You’ve most likely interacted with the company in the past. Perhaps you purchased something from them, filled out a form on their website, or signed up for their email list. As a medical spa, you can also market yourself to your clients through an email campaign, but where do you begin?


In order to run a successful medspa email campaign, you need to have people to send your email to. Start by building up your contact list with your current clients. Grab their email address during intake procedures, while scheduling appointments, or after a treatment.
Next, utilize your website and social media to create new contacts. In order to do this, you’ll need to create premium, or gated content. Premium content is anything that someone visiting your website can download—think ebooks, podcasts, etc.—only after they provide their contact information, including their name and email address. At this point, they can be added to your email contact list for future marketing campaigns.


Business emails should always be sent through an automation platform. Using a personal email to manage your medspa email campaign can be unreliable and look unprofessional. Automated marketing programs allow you to organize your contacts into different lists through , track email analytics, and schedule and send your emails easily.
There are numerous options when it comes to selecting an automation program, including Mail Chimp, HubSpot, Marketo, and Infusionsoft. While most do require a paid subscription, they also offer several email design templates to simplify the email creation process.  affect which marketing automation platform you choose, but the choice ultimately comes down to your business’s individual needs and the type of email marketing campaign you are wanting to create.


Like any other marketing campaign or materials, the overall design of your email can heavily influence your email campaign success. Start by deciding on a topic for your email. Will this particular email focus on an upcoming sales promotion, or maybe your business has recently been involved in the community, won an award, or you have renovated the office? By focusing on one topic, you’ll keep your readers more engaged and focused on your message.
After choosing a topic, think of your subject line. This is the most important part of the email because it is the first thing your recipients see. The effectiveness of your email subject line can mean the difference between someone becoming a new client or unsubscribing from future emails. Your subject line should be enticing and call your readers to act. For example, look at the two following subject lines: 
Don’t miss out on your FREE consultation!
Our Medical Spa is the best!
Which email would you be more inclined to open? The one offering you something for free, of course! Write your subject lines so they convince your recipients that reading your email is worth their time.
The copy of your email may vary in length throughout your campaign. However, most emails are read on mobile devices, so with that in mind, shorter emails are almost always better. Write your email copy to be more conversational and personable in nature and supplement it with photos and graphics that are eye-catching and complementary to your email topic. The easier to read and more visually appealing your email appears, the more likely your readers are to be engaged.
Most importantly, at the end of your body copy, include a call-to-action (CTA). Why have your readers been reading this email all along? A CTA tells readers what their next step should be—more often than not, that next step would be to visit your website. To do this online, you need to drive traffic to your website and make the process as simple as possible. Like your email subject line, your CTA should encourage readers to act. For example, try creating CTAs like this:
Schedule your FREE consultation today!
Refill your skincare supplies online and receive 20% off when you use the code SUPPLY!
Both of these CTAs encourage your client to take action and visit your website, and ultimately, interact more with your business. They also offer something to your readers. Finally, always include your contact information (e.g., web address, phone number, and social media links) in your emails. This allows your readers to more easily contact you and stay in touch outside of your email offer.
At this point, you’re first medspa email campaign is complete. You’re now ready to place your copy and content into an email template or customized design and hit send, but not before it's proofread and spell-checked of course!

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