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Jul 20, 2016

How to Use Client Testimonies for Your Medical Spa Marketing

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by Karly Sandsmark
Words are powerful.
There’s a reason medical spas claim that they are “the best” and not just “good”—that their laser hair removal treatments can ensure that you will “never have to shave again,” or that their microdermabrasion procedure will “make you look 5 years younger.”
While carefully-selected words can help convert a casual web visitor into a bona fide client, it’s not your words that possess the ultimate power. You can boast about your medical spa’s services as much as you want, but a bad review can mar your reputation for years (even if the claims aren’t accurate). And it makes sense why people trust the opinions of strangers more than the content of your website; we perceive their words as unbiased, whereas your words about your medical spa are clearly self-motivated. Of course, there is nothing wrong with promoting your medspa’s services, but understanding that your customer’s opinions can have a profound impact on your reputation will help you market your services better.
While you can’t stop an angry customer from writing a scathing review, you can use client testimonies as a valuable medical spa marketing tool.  


Setting up accounts and  on various review sites is the first step to using these reviews to your advantage. Having access to these pages gives you more control over reviews and can keep you aware of what people are saying about your medspa. You can also manage several of your online listings through services like .


Now that your medical spa is set up on review sites, it’s time to get some testimonies! To get started, try offering an incentive (a “10% off your next treatment” offer, for example) to encourage your customers to leave reviews. Giving something away in exchange for a testimony often yields positive comments, which can be the reason a new client chooses your medical spa over another.
In addition, having a good amount of legitimate, affirmative testimonies looks better than only a handful of comments. There is definitely power in numbers when it comes to customer reviews.


People are motivated to write reviews after having an exceptionally good or an exceptionally terrible experience. It’s PR 101 to respond to those irate customers with a genuine, sympathetic reply, but don’t feel restricted to only address the negative comments! Interacting with customers who took the time to write any kind of review shows the reviewer (and anyone who is reading the review) that you value your customers.


Testimonies are essentially free marketing, so use them! Promoting a new service that a few VIP clients got to try early? Use their comments in your advertising efforts. Sending out an email to your recent leads? Include a review to help persuade them into becoming customers. To readers, client testimonies are honest, unbiased accounts of their experience, and are therefore extremely powerful in your medical spa marketing.