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Sep 7, 2016

HubSpot for Medical Spas: Worth the Investment?

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by Karly Sandsmark
HubSpot is a robust online platform that can help you dominate your online marketing.
While it boasts plenty of benefits, does it make sense for you to invest in it for your medical spa? Below are some of the main features of the  (pro version) to help you decide whether or not it’s worth the investment for your business.
*Disclaimer: Watermark is a certified HubSpot partner.


Having access to your contacts is essential for your medical spa, which is why you most likely already have a system for this (hopefully something a bit more robust than a Rolodex!). But what if your address book could be integrated with your marketing? What if a new contact could automatically get added to your list of leads after filling out a form on your website? What if you could then look at one of those newly-added contacts, see which of your web pages they have viewed, and add notes to track their progress to becoming a customer? This type of monitoring is highly beneficial with medspas interested in growing their clientele.  OVERALL: DEFINITELY WORTH IT.

You can't have inbound marketing without a powerful CRM to back it up!

Not 100% on what a CRM can do for your business? Watermark is offering free self-serve training videos to guide you on how a CRM can enhance your sales and marketing teams.


Email marketing has proven to be effective for medical spas, but what makes HubSpot any better than free programs, like MailChimp? The biggest difference is the analytics. With HubSpot, you receive data on specific measurements like delivery rate, open rate, click-through rate, time spent reading, bounce rate, device type, unsubscribes, etc. You can even see who did each of the aforementioned actions.
The downside? HubSpot’s email tool is a professional tool, meaning that it is meant for professionals. If you are unfamiliar with design and coding (or are not looking to pay someone who is), you shouldn’t waste your money on such a robust tool. OVERALL: SCORE ONE FOR HUBSPOT (BUT ONLY IF YOU’RE WILLING TO DO IT RIGHT).


Blogging is an easy and effective means of boosting your website’s SEO, and is critical for your medical spa marketing. But with so many free blogging options, is HubSpot’s blogging tool exponentially better than the competition?
With live-preview editing and a built-in SEO tool, it certainly is a very user-friendly blogging platform; however, it doesn’t boast any unique or revolutionary tools. OVERALL: WHILE IT’S A WELL-DESIGNED TOOL, IT’S NOT WORTH IT UNLESS YOU’RE UTILIZING OTHER HUBSPOT FEATURES.


When it comes to keywords, investing in a paid tool is well worth your money. HubSpot’s keyword portal allows you to see not only words you’re ranking for, but also how easy/difficult it would be to rank for additional keywords. The average traffic per month and cost per click are listed for reference as well. OVERALL: A GREAT WAY TO KEEP TRACK OF YOUR SEO EFFORTS.


While there are plenty of social publishing tools out there, not many truly compare to HubSpot’s social media management platform. From scheduling to monitoring, HubSpot makes it easy to streamline your social media efforts. One especially useful aspect of this feature is the ability to pre-determine social publishing times, making posting more efficient than ever. You can even post to multiple accounts at the same time. OVERALL: THE BEST WAY TO KEEP YOUR MEDSPA’S SOCIAL MEDIA ORGANIZED.


Running a campaign is hard, especially if you’re not familiar with the process. One of the things HubSpot does best is provide resources for people to easily learn marketing best practices. From free templates to co-branded content to step-by-step instructions, HubSpot makes it easy to run a campaign from start to finish. It also provides you with detailed, yet easy-to-read analytics.
But, similar to the email feature, the campaign tool is best utilized by someone that has a strong understanding of inbound campaign strategy, and who can create and code original designs branded specifically for your medspa into the platform. OVERALL: THIS IS ONE OF THE MOST LUCRATIVE ASPECTS OF THE PLATFORM. IF YOU’RE NOT PLANNING ON RUNNING INBOUND CAMPAIGNS, YOU WON’T GET YOUR MONEY’S WORTH.  


One of HubSpot’s latest editions to its program is the “projects” tool that allows users to manage tasks entirely from inside the HubSpot portal. With the ability to assign tasks, communicate with your team, upload documents, and establish a timeline, this is definitely an exciting new update! OVERALL: A GREAT WAY TO KEEP YOUR ENTIRE TEAM UP-TO-SPEED WITH PROJECTS. 
Using HubSpot for medical spas is a great investment if you are serious about taking your marketing to the next level. The platform boasts plenty of great tools that can, in conjunction with each other, help streamline your marketing efforts. It’s on the more expensive side, but well worth it if you fully utilize the program.
Does your medspa use HubSpot? Tell us about it in the comments!