May 15, 2015

Let Your Website Do the Talking

by Watermark
Web Design, Web Development


Chances are, potential customers will decide whether they want to pursue your business within moments of first accessing your site. In fact, roughly 83 percent of consumers will evaluate a company’s website prior to purchasing their products or services. Treat your website as a “virtual salesperson,” representing your company in a professional and credible manner.

Components such as design, load time, layout, and usability sets your site apart from competitors—which is crucial when comparing your website to competitors on a Google or Yahoo search.

Specifically, load time is one of the most important components for a web page, considering that 40 percent of web users will leave a page that takes longer than 3 seconds to load.

 As the amount of mobile users continues to grow, a responsive website (one which can convert to multiple different mobile formats) is necessary for staying relevant. This is especially important because search engines now factor whether or not a website is responsive when ranking web pages. Make sure your company’s website reaches as many potential viewers as possible with a responsive site to help drive traffic and improve SEO.

Each of these factors should be taken into consideration when designing your company site. In fact, 94 percent of users consider design as a reason for not deeming certain website as credible. Additional features, such as social media links and landing pages, allow your website to generate traffic elsewhere, which will contribute to your company’s goals and objectives.

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