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May 13, 2020

Marketing To Today’s Consumer

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by Gini Queen
The four P’s of marketing—Products, Price, Place and Promotion—have been around for a long time.
They focus on the company doing the selling and the product being sold.
But today’s consumers want more. Today’s consumers want:
  • Connection
  • Cost
  • Convenience
  • Communication
Today’s marketing strategies need to focus on the “Four C’s” in order to reach their audience where they are, giving them what they need, when they need it. Marketing from the seller’s perspective needs to focus on where the buyer’s coming from.
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Instead of “this is our product, and you should buy it because it’s good,” today’s consumers have the ability to research, compare, and read reviews (both negative and positive) about a product or service they’re looking for. They want to be assured that said product or service’s quality and features are the best value for their specific needs. Instead of having a product or service’s features spoon fed to them in a one-way promotional dialogue, they want to connect to the company on a more personal level.


“Cost” for today’s consumer is different from “price.” Instead of just paying attention to the price at the time of purchase, today’s savvy audience wants to not just know the up-front cost—but the full value of a product or service—what’s it's worth going to be after initial purchase…the “life cycle cost,” if you will.


As mentioned previously, today’s consumer wants to be able to make purchases of products or services when they want, where they want, and how they want. Gone are the days of “brick and mortar” stores, where consumers need to go when convenient for the company (hours of operation, days closed, “peak” hours, etc.), and then hope, when they get there, that product that was advertised on a massive scale, is still available. Products and services are not just available in one place anymore. Today, with the technology, innovation, and global “24/7” marketplace, the model has switched. Companies need to accommodate their customers…you got it…where they are, when they want, and how they want. This includes live chat, online ordering, video conferencing, electronic signatures, to mention just a few.


Today’s consumers don’t want to be “talked at” (traditional promotional marketing and advertising), they want two-way communication with the company they’re interested in and want to know more about. Does the company communicate the same values as them, a credible reputation, and engage their customers in a way where the relationship goes beyond the initial purchase—they are ready and available for meaningful conversation with their consumers on a daily basis.

Tools To Support A New Strategy

Subscribing to platforms like HubSpot or SharpSpring can make the job of connecting and communicating in the most convenient way to your customers much easier and more streamlined. Consistent messaging and branding across multiple online channels are sent, tracked and analyzed, all aimed to convert “maybe” prospects into loyal customers.
Don’t forget your is a fundamental part of today’s successful marketing strategy. Take advantage of the innovative available now, incorporate live chat support, online scheduling capabilities, and access to informative webinars and blogs to give visitors the opportunity to engage with your company in a whole new way.

Start reaching your consumers where they are, when they want, how they want, TODAY! and we'd be glad to help!