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Jun 15, 2016

Medical Spa Marketing: 4 Important Things You're Missing

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by Nicole Stiverson
A medical spa differs from a day spa in that they have trained medical practitioners on staff.
People researching medspas are looking for reputable, established, experienced professionals—the lemon water and soft Egyptian towels are just a value-added plus.
If you own a medical spa, you’re probably wondering what the best medical spa marketing tactics are (and for good reason). You might know all the odds and ends about running your business, but here are 4 important things your marketing is missing. 


When marketing your business, ask your current clientele to fill out a satisfaction survey after their experience. Take advantage of the situation by asking them to mention services they would like to see added, procedures they would like more information on, and their favorite “added touch.” This is valuable information when planning your marketing strategy for new and potential clients.


When someone looks and feels good, they want to share it with their friends! One of the best ways to capitalize on spreading the buzz about your business is through social media. These platforms are an excellent way to offer incentives for current clients, whether through a hashtag promotion or a “Refer a Friend” discount. These are great ways to not only get new clients, but to get return business from satisfied customers!


Medical spa marketing success is greatly improved with a good reputation. The better the experience and treatment, the more likely clients are to tout their “beauty secrets” to others. Blogs can build trust and put potential clients’ minds at ease by addressing their questions with professionalism, yet understanding of their concerns. Recovery time, amount of pain, duration of treatment, how often a treatment will be needed—these are all questions that you can address in a blog. To engage your audience further, offer a “Guide To Botox Treatment” or a white paper on the step-by-step of a chemical peel. (See our  for more information.) Blogs are a great way to gain your potential clients’ trust by writing about things they have wondered about, but haven’t taken the step yet to actually make an appointment with your business.


Use your website to promote the welcoming, calming, relaxing atmosphere your business provides. Interested individuals are much more likely to make an appointment when they know what your facility looks like. And more importantly, does the pictures match the “tone” of those inviting, educational, professionally-written blog posts they’ve been reading?
Use these tactics to improve your medical spa marketing today!