Jun 17, 2015

Use Native Advertising to Gain a Competitive Edge

by Watermark
Marketing Trends

Increasing click-rates are harder to come by, as consumers tend to pay less attention to advertisements.

Luckily, native ads are here to help.Native advertising (online ads that “blend in” with other content on a web page) allows you to gain a competitive edge over companies who do not utilize it because of its subtlety. Search engine ads are a common example of native advertising. When searching for something on Google, you may find that the first few results are ads. The brilliance in this is that they look like any other organic search results, ensuring that the reader does not immediately recognize it as an advertisement. This form of advertising is great for start-ups and small businesses to assist in establishing a solid customer presence.


Traditional banner advertising just doesn’t cut it anymore—it simply doesn't drive sales effectively. The challenge is making your native advertising “less promotional.” Terms such as “sponsored by” and “promoted” are among the most common terms that best reveal native advertising as just that—advertising—according to the Association of National Advertisers (ANA). Find a way around traditional advertising vernacular while still evoking a call-to-action from consumers to improve your native advertising.


Create ads that appeal to your target audience. Chances are, users are looking for specific content while online. When they are exposed to a native ad that is relevant to what they are searching for, they are more likely to take action. If the ad appears disruptive to the reader, however, they will avoid it. Make sure your advertisement has the best chance at reaching your target audience by making it specific and relevant.

Overall, native advertisements should supply the consumer with captivating content rather than acting as door-to-door salesman. Gain an edge by effectively placing these ads to maximize your advertising efforts. Here at Watermark, we have the expertise and experience to ensure that your advertising efforts will yield a high ROI.