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Nov 8, 2022

Watermark Water Cooler | Your Guide to CRM

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by Darby Kim
It's time to brush up on your CRM knowledge.💲 📈 🏷️ Register for our FREE CRM training today and learn why a CRM is so important for your company's marketing and sales success 👉👉 
Hello and welcome to the Watermark Water Cooler we have Darby here with us today. Hello. I know you've met Darby before in the past. Darby, you wanna tell our viewers who you are and what you do here at Watermark? Sure. Absolutely. I am the digital, a senior digital consultant here at Watermark, and I help people figure out their solutions.
So Darby, tell us a little, about the training series that we've got coming up, the CRM, you know, what is a CRM? We also have inbound coming up that's kinda, of a little sneak peek that's not out yet, but It's coming soon. Yeah. What is the CRM? What is Inbound all about? Sure. So that they know what these training are gonna be kind of covering.


So a CRM is customer relationship management software. It's a platform like for example, Salesforce, or HubSpot, You've probably heard of these big brands of CRMs, but there are tons of other options as well. A CRM is essentially like a command center, a com. So you have full visibility. All of your marketing inbound, meth efforts.
And then also you have all your sales efforts where would where every deal stage is what each contact is labeled as their lead status. You can also do lead scoring and then combine. And then once you have those things organized you can. Better decisions on how to approach each contact or lead at different stages to move them further along the line and have a better forecast of what your sales goals and expectations are in the near future.


Awesome. I think, by the way too, this is a great opportunity for your sales team, and for your marketing team. If they wanna get a little bit of education about what's going on with this, or you're looking into a CRM or you're looking into doing some inbound this is a great opportunity for some free training for your team.
Sure. Super simple sign-up. It's like form, first name, last name email address, and. There is a way you go get some free training. It goes into like some details as Darby was talking about, about what a CRM is, and then the other one goes into like a lot more details about inbound, the methodology behind it.


Mm-hmm. Why you should use it. And you know how these things work together, as Darby just said, like, how do you make this a command center where everything's coming together? You can see, you know the marketing side of things. You can see what's going on. The sales team can see how marketing is doing what they're up to.


Hey, sorry for interrupting your video. I'm Cameron, Vice President of Watermark and I wanted to tell you a little bit about our CRM learning tool. We just developed it. It's free for you all. The link is in the description below. We're gonna cover things like utilization of the CRM, and automating those tasks that you have to take care of every day.
You know, hitting those sales numbers. If those are things you're struggling with, jump on over there. We're gonna learn together. We'll see you there. As far as like sales and marketing, in a lot of companies, what I, I've seen happens is that there's a disconnect between the goals between the sales team and the marketing team.
And those when those don't align, it just wastes a lot of time and budget and your company just is wasting money essentially. And then both teams end up getting a little bit frustrated at each other, at each other. So the marketing team is generating these leads that are getting sent. To sales, and they, the marketing team feels like they're doing a great job, but the sales team, on the other hand, they're, they're looking at these leads and they're like saying, Well, no, these, these people, I can't close them.

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Or maybe they can close them, but ultimately then there's, maybe there's a disconnect between the marketing team, sales team, and then the account team. And they're like, Well, we actually don't do that service. Right. And so this had, an area, a CRM where you can, Visualize and understand what the marketing team's goals are and document it and track it, and also the sales team's goals.
Then there's, you can see within the data, okay, well marketing, sending over this many marketing qualified leads, and from there sales are taking them and they're, let's say there's a very slow, low percentage of sales team qualifying those leads, the marketing qualified leads to sales qualified leads. Well, at that point, you know, there's some something wrong and so you have to reevaluate, okay, what.
Is marketing, defining their leads, what are those metrics, and then what are sales doing? And then from there you can have a meeting and decide, okay, well this, these are the minor adjustments that we have to make. Or maybe some major ones. And at that point, you can work together too. You know, align your goals and, you know, start crushing it.


Yeah. By the way, Darby is the voice, of all these videos as well. So if you wanna see a lot more of Darby sign up and, and watch some of these videos. Oh yeah, I have long hair in those, and for some reason, I was like, injured every time we filmed. So you look for, look for those. So, Darby, what, what were you injured from?
Jiu-jitsu and wrestling? I have this weird hobby where I like to get hit and tackle people and stuff like that. There's one of 'em, Darby has a bandaid over his forehead. Yeah, so but yeah, I really do think, again, if you, you know, are looking into these things, have questions you really wanna understand a little bit.
You wanna know what tools are out there, and what you can and can't do inside of these tools. You know, again, sign up really easily, and get this information for free. And, you know, Darby, is there anything else that we wanna add to that about like what, what, what's included in those videos that, that. Might be a little sneak peek for them.


Sure. One of the things that I didn't really mention is the workflows and automation that a lot of CRMs do have. So with your emails, especially in like a sales environment, some of the things that you're requested by your team to meet your KPIs is to, you know, send out a bunch of emails. And a lot of them were kind of similar.


Or, let's say, especially in the response, the first two responses that you'll receive from like a lead. And with those types of emails, you can fully automate these workflows within CRMs to make sure you save time and have a certain consistency, and you can kind of test the success rates, the open rates, and the click-through rates on each of these emails.
And then after you have enough data, Minor adjustments and ab test them over time. This will ultimately help you really engage your contacts, but on top of that, save your sales time or sales team a lot of time. And those are one of the major benefits of having a CRM. So that's just one more thing I really want to cover, and I do cover that in the CRM.
Like always, if you would like to be part of our team and learn about CRM and inbound. In the comments below, there is a link to learn dot wk We'd love to have you a part of it. Until next time, we'll sign out. Thank you so much for watching it and subscribing to the Watermark water cooler.
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