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Feb 3, 2016

When to Outsource Content Creation

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by Gini Queen
It’s 2 a.m., you still haven’t had dinner, that 8 a.m. content creation deadline is looming, and you haven’t posted a blog for two weeks—what do you do?
You know coming up with, and disseminating fresh content through inbound marketing consistently attracts potential new clients, but that’s not always possible seeing how you’re already trying to squeeze 36 hours into a 12-hour workday. 
If you find yourself in this content creation predicament (and don’t have the ability to clone yourself four or five times!) you may consider the following options:
  1. Pound down another gallon of espresso and start working
  2. Prioritize the tasks still at hand, keeping in mind “how much can I physically do in one day?”
  3. Eat a snack, go to bed and face the consequences in the morning
However, there is another way to keep your content marketing fresh, relevant and engaging while freeing up your time, energy and talent so you can concentrate on building and maintaining relationships with your hard-won clients.
With some up front planning and strategy, you can put a content creation plan in place that can then be delegated to a co-worker or two. Or, if you can’t afford to have anyone else in your company falling asleep at their desks because they’ve stayed up until all hours to “keep the blogs rolling,” you can consider outsourcing.
There are very talented writers that, with a clear idea and framework of your well thought-out marketing messaging strategy, can generate blogs, social media updates and even premium content (those precious “value-added” items that really generate the leads and establish you as an industry leader).
Now, I can just hear you asking the question, “Sure, that sounds great—but I don’t have a budget to allow for that. That’s why I’m doing it myself!” My response is, weigh the options. Sacrificing sleep, health, sanity and most importantly, potential new business because you’re trying (unsuccessfully) to be “Super Everything” is no way to run a business. Take some of your already allocated marketing budget (which you most definitely should have), and let proven experts take over this crucial element of your overall marketing plan.
Not only will you have more time to concentrate on business (and sleep), you may be pleasantly surprised by your company’s offerings and differentiators being presented by a fresh perspective that perhaps you wouldn’t have otherwise thought of.
Have you ever faced a content creation dilemma? Tell us about it in the comments!