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May 9, 2022

Why You Need to Start Podcast Marketing

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by Karrie Lucero


This fast-paced lifestyle has led to the rise of e-commerce, mobile apps, and audiobooks. As a business owner, you must stay up-to-date on what consumers want and need.
 Podcasts aren’t new to the Internet or world. Similar to audiobooks, podcasts are recordings of field experts talking about what they know best. As a business owner, you can (and should!) consider yourself an expert in your field. You know the ins-and-outs of your industry and can offer advice to your consumers. So should you hit ‘record’ and develop a podcast marketing strategy? The short answer—yes, yes, and yes.


You already post and share content on your website, social media, and other marketing mediums—each increasing the visibility of your business. Podcasts increase your reach one step further and help to give your business a stronger personality.
 It’s vital for your business to establish a brand persona. This image appeals to consumers and helps them relate to your company. By adding podcasts to your marketing strategy, you give your business a voice that further develops your persona in order to build a stronger relationship with your consumers. 


Like blogs and website content, once you’ve created enough quality podcast content, it can help increase your rankings on search engines. The audio within your podcast isn’t readable by the Google algorithm; however, you can add keywords to the copy, page title, and metadata for the web pages you post your podcasts on.


Contrary to popular belief, podcast marketing may be one of the easiest marketing materials to create. The best part is that you can podcast about almost any topic related to your business. 
(Check out these from HubSpot!) 
To make a podcast, you’ll need an audio recording device. Really, anything with a microphone will work—even your mobile phone!
 You’ll also need editing software. Luckily, you don’t need anything fancy. You can use Garage Band or download Audacity for free if you own a MacBook. You can also purchase Adobe Audition. The last thing you’ll need is someone who likes to talk and can easily convey expert knowledge about your business and field. Your last step is to upload it to a podcast sharing site, such as iTunes, Spotify, or SoundCloud.
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By adding podcasts to your you can expand your reach to new consumers. The first step is to start talking about what you know best—your business. From there, you can grow your business’s persona and boost your SEO. 
Then, once you master the audio podcast, you can dive into the world of !

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