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Jun 22, 2022

5 Ways to Improve Your Medical Spa Marketing with Blogging

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by Karly Sandsmark
When determining your medical spa marketing plan, it’s imperative that you implement blogging; however, you can’t just blog for the sake of blogging.
The biggest mistake your medspa can make when blogging is not thinking through a strategy. You could be writing high quality content, but if your target audience has no way of discovering that content on your medspa blog, you’re wasting your time.
Luckily, determining a blog strategy for your medical spa marketing plan is a fairly simple process. Just follow the steps below, and your blog will be racking up the views in no time! 


You’re probably aware that blogging gives you , which, in turn, boosts your SEO efforts. So it makes sense to post on a regular and frequent basis. If you’re just implementing a blogging plan, a good baseline is one post per week. Play around with publishing on certain days of the week and times until you determine a schedule that works for your medspa.


In order to post consistently, you need to plan your blog topics ahead of time. Whether you have a team of writers or it’s just you, keeping track of topics and the publishing schedule will save you time and energy in the long run. Don’t know where to begin? Create a series of posts that educate readers, show off new products and services, or have clients share their success stories—all of these are examples of high quality, engaging content.


As per your medical spa marketing plan, your posts should target current and potential clients. That said, you need to have a solid idea of who your audience is so you can most effectively write content suited for them. Once you know who you’re writing to, customize your content to those individuals.


Before you even begin writing, you should have between one to three keywords determined so that your customers have a way to find your post via search engine. There are plenty of online services (we recommend HubSpot) that will help you choose the best keyword(s) for your post. Once they are chosen, make sure to place your keywords throughout your post for the best chance at a high ranking.


You’ve written a fully-optimized post and have published it for the world to see. Time to watch the views roll in, right? Not quite. Optimizing your post makes it easier for your blog to be found via search engine, but don’t forget about another huge outlet—social media.  
Posting your blog to your various social media accounts will help you reach an even larger audience. Don’t be afraid to experiment with hashtags, posting times, images, and other methods to get as much exposure as possible.  
Blogging is more than simply posting content for the sake of posting content. It takes time and effort to make your blog stand out, but doing so will take your medical spa marketing to the next level in no time!

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