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Aug 18, 2021

How to Get Conversions with Conversations

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by Nicole Stiverson
One might think that with more than 3 billion users across multiple platforms, social media is the perfect place for a captive audience to see and hear your company’s message.
The only problem is, you’re not the only company trying to reach your customers. There’s no doubt about it: social media is loud. But the way to reach your potential customers isn’t to be louder than your competitors. Actually, it’s the opposite. By starting consistently genuine, transparent, and meaningful conversations with the intention of connecting with and educating your customers, not selling to them, you’ll reach genuine leads that will likely turn into loyal customers.
Be Genuine:
When planning your social media campaign, keep in mind that today’s consumers can smell a company trying to make an easy sale a mile away. Not only do today’s consumers want products and services that mean something to them and make their lives easier in some way, but they also want to support a company whose mission and message matter just as much as the product or service they are selling. Start with really getting to know your ideal customer base. You don’t want to reach just anyone with your brand; you want to engage the right people to educate them about your brand, not to sell them. Working with a team of social media marketing experts and creating buyer personas can help you zero in on the customer base who would benefit most from your message and brand.
Be Transparent:
Today’s consumers are savvy and want to do business with honest, genuine companies who stand behind their message and brand. The benefit of social media is that it meets your customer base where they are. Your company has the potential to become a part of their daily conversations, decisions, and buying power organically; the only thing you need to do is be honest, transparent and don’t over-promise with flashy, hard-selling ads. Instead, engage with your customers to create meaningful conversations and connections.
Be Meaningful:
How do you cultivate meaningful conversations and connections while also focusing on ROI? By talking to your customers, not at them. Social media platforms aren’t the place to hard-sell your customers. Remember, you’re essentially being invited into their user experience, and if they feel like you want to sell them something they may not necessarily be interested in at that time, instead of connecting with them with content they are interested in, they’ll scroll on. 

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Be consistent:
Brand awareness starts with consistency. When your brand becomes a part of your audience’s social media experience by continually interacting and engaging with quality content, the more quality leads—and eventually conversions, will occur. Keep in mind that social media marketing is not for short-range goals, and honestly, the point of it isn’t to increase your bottom line—well, not initially, at least. It’s building trust and loyalty with your audience and letting them decide to follow you based on the quality and variety of content you deliver and engage with. Also, remember that the keyword in ‘social media is social, which means just creating a Facebook business page with your website and phone number isn’t going to cut it. Continuity and consistency must stay at the forefront of any social media marketing campaign.
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