May 6, 2015

Inbound, Outbound, All Around Marketing

by Watermark
Inbound Marketing


Now, with inbound marketing, it is even more essential to understand internally, what your company excels at and why.

Inbound marketing is different from outbound marketing in the fact that it focuses on earning, not buying (through ads and billboards) a potential client’s attention. It is critical that content used in your inbound marketing campaign is fresh, compelling, and most importantly, that it adds value in the mind of your audience. You need to recognize what makes your company unique in order to attract potential clients. With that said, here are some ways in which you can improve your inbound marketing techniques:


Although it may seem obvious, determining exactly what your business does well, and effectively communicating that, will attract new clients by offering more useful content. To gain some insight, ask your clients to evaluate recent projects you have collaborated on and identify the services that clients are truly appreciative of.


Identify the correct niche within your industry that will allow your business to excel. Ensuring your business is appropriately marketed allows you to differentiate yourself from competitors. Determine the direction your company should take by deciding:

  • What your business does best

  • How you accomplishes that

  • Who your clients are

Furthermore, accurately identifying your target market is an absolutely necessary step in appealing to, and directing your marketing to the correct audience.

Many businesses offer similar services and/or products, which is why it is crucial to identify your differentiators and illustrate why your service offerings are better than your rivals. Coming up with, and disseminating fresh content consistently attracts potential clients.

Here at Watermark, we recognize just how important inbound marketing is and have developed strategies that can help your business best utilize it.