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Dec 28, 2022

Should You Use Both Organic & Paid Social Media Marketing For Your Business? YES!

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by Nicole Stiverson
Social media marketing has changed a lot in recent years. In the past, it was all about engagement and making a personal connection with customers.
Now, B2B and B2C companies use social media marketing to support marketing campaigns and reach consumers at all consumer journey stages, like customer acquisition and retention. 
But everyone knows it's free to post on social media, so why would you pay to post?
This article will cover the benefits of marketing and why you should use both in your marketing campaigns.

What is organic social media marketing?

organic social media marketing | Watermark
Organic social media marketing is all about having a presence on social media and using it as part of your marketing strategy to connect with people and establish trust. Organic is a way of building brand recognition and boosting a company's overall conversion rate.
A key factor in organic marketing is understanding how to build a community and get your reader base's support. This includes interacting with social networking tools you already have at your disposal, like , Twitter, YouTube, and more.
Organic marketing can offer free resources to create leads, increase sales, and retain clientele.

Pros to organic social media marketing

Organic social media marketing is an excellent way to grow your business. 
It can help you:
  • Build your brand: Organic social media marketing allows you to build a brand with which people can trust, love, and want to do business. is all about sharing and connecting with people, so it's a great way to build relationships with your customers and potential clients.
  • Increase awareness of your company and its products: People are likelier to buy from a company they know and trust, so why not get them familiar with who you are and what you do? Social media is the perfect place for this kind of marketing because it's personal and allows users to connect with people with similar interests or experiences.
  • Increase sales opportunities: The best part about organic social media marketing is that it doesn't cost anything! You don't have to pay for ads or special packages; post content that people will want to read or watch.

The cons to relying solely on organic social media marketing

There are drawbacks when you rely only on organic social media marketing for your B2B business.
  • You have to spend a lot of time on it. You must post regularly and create engaging content that keeps customers engaged.
  • If you still need to get a considerable following, you may get fewer leads than you want. 
  • It can take longer than other forms of advertising because the success of organic posts is based on interactions between people rather than algorithms, which means it will be slower at building up your audience size over time.
  • You can't control the message. You could waste time and money by posting things that don't reach the right people or posting something that's too broad and misses its mark entirely.
  • You might not reach the right audience if you rely exclusively on organic social media marketing for your B2B business. 
The good news is that paid social media marketing is the solution to all the drawbacks of organic social.

What is paid social media marketing?

Paid social media marketing | Watermark
Paid social media marketing is advertising on social media platforms influenced by advertising dollars.
Paid social media ads target people likely to buy whatever product or service you're promoting. They can be targeted based on a user's age, gender, location, and interests, among other factors.

Pros to paid social media marketing

If you're starting from scratch with no followers, paid ads can help quickly build up your base of potential customers. 
The pros of paid social media marketing are:
  • You're in control of your social media presence.
  • You can manage your ad campaigns on a 24/7 basis.
  • You can use paid ads to supplement organic social or replace it entirely.
  • Target specific groups of people based on their demographics and interests, making them more likely to engage with your brand.

The cons to relying solely on paid social media marketing

Paid social media marketing is used to generate revenue and grow your business. However, there are also some downsides to relying solely on paid social media marketing.
  • Cost. Paid social media marketing costs money, so you must plan your budget carefully to ensure you have enough money available.
  • Risk of being seen as an advertiser rather than a business owner or brand representative by your audience members. 
  • No guarantees. You could spend money on ads without seeing any results at all!

The benefits of using both organic and paid social media marketing and when to use it in your B2B marketing campaigns

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The involves combining organic and paid strategies, not just one or the other. And there is no correct answer regarding how much time (and money) you should spend on each, but one thing about social media marketing is that it works. See for yourself, .
If you want to get your message out there quickly and cheaply, paid media campaigns and building relationships with customers via organic social posts (which can lead to brand loyalty) are the way to go.

Social media marketing is an integral part of your B2B marketing strategy.
While social media can be very effective when used correctly, it can also be a waste of time if you don't do it right! 
That's why we recommend combining paid and organic social media marketing so that whatever type of content performs better for you, something will always be there supporting your efforts.
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