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conversational marketing with AI

Dec 20, 2023

Watermark Water Cooler: Marketing With Artificial Intelligence

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by Cameron Burns

Vlog Summary

In their engaging conversation, Cameron and Sarah delve into the intricacies of , a creative and generative AI customer feedback SaaS founded by Sarah. The dialogue begins with Cameron extending a warm welcome to Sarah at the Watermark Watercooler and expressing his intention to introduce her to the audience.
, identified as the Chief Operating Officer (COO) and one of the founders of, provides a concise overview of their AI-driven platform. She describes Native's core function as efficiently managing customer feedback in a modern and effective manner. The term "artificially intelligent driven platform" is introduced to encapsulate Native's essence, emphasizing its role in handling consumer feedback.
Cameron seeks clarification on this description, ensuring accuracy. Sarah affirms Cameron's understanding and acknowledges that excels in managing customer or consumer feedback through a sophisticated application of artificial intelligence. The exchange highlights the clarity and synergy between the co-founders regarding their company's identity and mission.
Moving on, Sarah illustrates the practical application of Native's services by citing examples from the consumer brands they primarily work with. These include food and beverage companies such as sparkling beverage products like Spindrift or gluten-free pasta brands. Sarah elucidates how consumers express their feedback through online reviews, shaping the data pool that taps into for analysis.
Cameron seizes the opportunity to inquire further about the mechanics of Native's operations. Sarah reveals that their platform aggregates data, including information about competitors, using natural language processing and large language models. This elucidation offers the audience a glimpse into the sophisticated technology that powers Native's data-driven approach.
As the conversation progresses, Sarah shares insights into her journey leading up to Native's founding. She traces her non-technical background in the restaurant space, her decision to pursue an MBA in international business, and the pivotal experiences during study programs in Israel and China. The narrative unfolds as she recounts her introduction to the tech industry through a serendipitous encounter with the CEO of a tech company on a flight.
The dialogue seamlessly transitions to a discussion about generative AI and its integration into Native's operations. Sarah reveals that they embraced generative AI shortly after securing their second round of funding. This strategic move allowed them to harness the power of AI in content generation and other facets of their business, demonstrating their agility in adopting cutting-edge technologies.
Cameron steers the conversation towards the practical aspects of budget management, a critical concern for startups. Sarah provides transparency about the challenges of budgeting in a venture-backed environment. She acknowledges the priority given to product development and sales while emphasizing the recent hiring of an experienced marketing professional to guide their budget decisions.
The conversation concludes with a reflection on the broader impact of AI on everyday life, particularly in wearables. Sarah shares her positive experiences with health wearables driven by AI, highlighting the machine learning capabilities that adapt to individual habits. However, she maintains a cautious stance regarding devices actively listening to conversations due to privacy concerns.
In this dynamic and informative conversation, Cameron and Sarah authentically discuss Native's journey, the integration of AI, budget considerations, and the broader implications of technology on our daily lives. The exchange showcases their shared understanding, transparency, and commitment to navigating the evolving landscape of AI and business.
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