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Mar 7, 2023

Watermark Water Cooler | Social Media Auditing

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by Catherine Sanders
Hello and welcome to the .
I'm here with Catherine. Catherine's first time on the Water Cooler.
Tell us a little bit about yourself.
Hi, I'm Catherine. I'm an Account Coordinator here and I actually just moved to Denver in May of this past year.
So we're gonna talk a little bit about social media and specifically. Instagram and like auditing your Instagram account. Mm-hmm. and maybe take a look at the past and what you should change for the future. Yeah. So what specific things do you recommend people audit? I would start with your brand and your profile as a whole at first. Definitely wanna make sure your profile name and your bio name.
Match each other and match your brand and your message. It's really important to have a lot of information in your bio. It's important to have a lot of stuff in there cuz that can help you with SEO. Ranking for searching and then hashtags in your captions for all your posts too. Those are very, very important.
I've found that a lot of people come to your post from hashtags. Mm-hmm. So that's definitely very important. And then also, Just in your bio, I'd say have a lot of calls to action like your phone number. If you're a restaurant, have that online ordering button in there. If your store has the buy now button have your email in there.
Just anything that makes it easier for customers to contact you. What about in generalities? Like a vibe of your posts. I feel like brands specifically maybe start to lose, you know, consistency or. , you know, they don't go back and look at a full like, history of their timeline to see what's going on.
Maybe some things like what was successful with posts what about things like that? I would say just really focus on the content and make sure that it's engaging and it's something that people are actually going to, first of all, what I click on if your post from far away doesn't look interesting to click on like your caption's never gonna be read.
So really focusing on the aesthetic and design of what you're posting. Hey, sorry for interrupting your video. I'm Cameron, vice president of Watermark, and I wanted to tell you a little bit about our CRM learning tool. We just developed it, it's free for you all. The link is in the description below.
We're gonna cover things like utilization of her CRM, and automating those mundane tasks that you have to take care of every. You know, hitting those sales numbers. If those are things you're struggling with, jump on over there. We're gonna learn together and we'll see you there. I think we all know that you can smell inauthenticity on social.
What, how does that play a part in kind of this, like what your brand is? I would probably start by just examining who your audience is. And what you should be posting for your audience. But over the years, I definitely have noticed that Instagram specifically has just become a lot more casual, no matter who's posting it, whether it's a brand, content creators, or just regular users it's definitely a lot more casual and I think people appreciate that.
It shows the realness of who's behind. Yeah. Like the account, we were talking also about how. Knowing your audience is so important. Mm-hmm, like, you know, posting something that's really raw and you're like a more of a corporate company might be inappropriate. Yeah. So it's like knowing your audience and when, when is it okay to use a stock photo.
When is it okay to like, you know, take your camera and go take a shot of whatever is going on? Business or your product. Mm-hmm. And show it in, in the wild, I would call it. Yeah. And I think there are a lot of things on top of that. Like it's also knowing who your audience is, so you know what kind of content to post because Instagram offers so many different things to post now.
You can post one single photo, you can post a carousel of photos. You can post reels, you can post stories, and you can post ads. So really just know. Who is your target market is and kind of where they're gonna be looking? What they're gonna be looking at. Yeah. The analytics conversation was kinda the next place I was going is like, what, how important is that?
You know, should a, as a review of your past year, highly recommend that somebody go look at their analytics mm-hmm. and see what was working, and what wasn't. Yeah, I would definitely look at your analytics. Like I was talking about, look at. Say you posted at 8:00 AM for this post, and then the next post you posted at noon, which one did better?
Look at what day you're posting it, and what time you're posting it. And then again, back to the hashtag conversation. Look to see who clicked on which hashtags. For example, like maybe a bunch of females clicked on this one hashtag mm-hmm. , a bunch of males clicked on this hashtag mm-hmm. Just really analyze those and adjust accordingly.
So the last thing I wanna ask you is can you do an Instagram dance for us? I'm just joking. That would be great though. Catherine's Instagram dance on the Water Cooler. But, we didn't practice that, so we won't do it.
But, any other takeaways for our audience? Instagram posting advice?
Just keep testing, see what works and then analyze your results and adjust accordingly. Cool. Yep. All right. Thanks so much. We'll see you next time. Thank you so much for watching and subscribing to the Watermark Water cooler. We value your opinion and want to deliver the best content possible. To do that, we need your comments and feedback.