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Corporate Communications

Corporate communications directors wear multiple hats—one of which is a firefighter’s helmet, due to constantly “putting out misconstrued communications fires.” Answering to, and representatives of, the C-suite of the company, the critical role of corporate communications is often misunderstood and/or discounted. This department is responsible for everything from ensuring internal brand consistency to external media and community exposure as well as investor relations.

We have a keen understanding of the importance of Corporate Communications.

With 35+ years of designing and developing award-winning materials for small-cap to Fortune 500 companies, we come alongside and take the “brain damage” out of what otherwise could be a very exhausting job. We ensure consistency of your company’s unique message and brand from your annual report through to supporting investor relations and analyst day materials.

We value the working relationships we have with our Corporate Communications partners in designing and producing:

  • Annual reports

  • CSR reports

  • Identity/brand standards guides

  • Internal and external brand consistency across all channels

  • Internal and external exposure and image campaigns

  • Environmental design

With today’s ever-evolving digital technology, it’s important for a corporation’s communications strategy to keep up with the trends. Monitoring both employees’ and the public’s perception of your company through social media channels is critical. One misdirected or incorrectly worded tweet can severely damage the business’ reputation. Measuring sentiment, analyzing reputation, assessing the success of your brand online, and measuring the effectiveness of social media messaging to a vast audience is now part of Corporate Communications’ responsibilities.

We design and develop your corporate website to not only serve as the centerpiece of your digital presence, but to also ensure that your stakeholders and investors have everything they need at their fingertips. We build on that foundation with corporate Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter profile graphics. SEO is also incorporated into your website to keep you apprised of online performance through measurement and data analysis.

Bottom line—we view Corporate Communications as one of the most important departments of a company, and strive to make sure they exceed the C-Level’s expectations again and again!