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CoBank supports Rural America—and like the heartland, they are steeped in tradition and heritage while progressing agribusiness forward for the future. CoBank delivers loans, leases and other financial services to agribusiness, rural infrastructure and Farm Credit customers in all 50 states. Watermark began working with CoBank in 2008 when we were enlisted to design their annual report.

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Every year since 2008, Watermark embraces CoBank’s passion and commitment to their customers when designing their annual and corporate social responsibility reports. The importance of the heartland and the devotion of its people are represented in award-winning books year over year. We've also taken complex, technical and scientific information on different agricultural topics, and converted them into easy-to-understand visuals to help illustrate the issues that affect Rural America. Watermark also translates data peovided by the bank, into 50 separate “CoBank By The Numbers” fact sheets. Watermark acts as CoBank’s support arm for their internal marketing team, assisting with design and production needs as they arise.

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