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Cottrell, a well-established family-owned printing business, had earned a reputation for delivering exceptional service and products over decades.

Despite their unwavering commitment to excellence, they recognized the necessity of updating their brand to remain relevant in a changing market. With a strong foundation in traditional printing, they aimed to fuse their heritage with a fresh, contemporary image that would resonate with a broader audience.

Cottrell engaged Watermark with a distinct goal: establishing a new brand identity that paid homage to their rich history while projecting a modern and dynamic image.

They aimed to attract a younger demographic while retaining their loyal customer base. This encompassed developing a comprehensive branding strategy, designing a new logo, defining brand standards, and creating marketing materials that showcased their distinctive combination of tradition and innovation.

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The collaboration between Watermark and Cottrell yielded remarkable results across a range of services and products:

Brand Identity and Logo Redesign

Watermark meticulously designed a new logo harmonizing Cottrell's heritage with modern aspirations. The logo elegantly merged classic elements with contemporary aesthetics, symbolizing the company's seamless evolution.

Brand Standards Guide

Watermark established comprehensive brand standards encompassing the color palette, typography, and tone of voice. This consistency across all touchpoints ensured a unified and recognizable brand image.

Marketing Collateral

Watermark crafted various marketing collateral that vividly showcased the new brand's identity. This included meticulously designed business cards, calendars, invoice templates, and other printed materials, each reflecting Cottrell's unique blend of tradition and innovation.

Website Overhaul

The Cottrell website underwent a complete makeover to align with the new brand identity. Watermark's web design team revamped the site's layout, user interface, and overall aesthetics, providing visitors with an immersive experience that mirrored the brand's values.

Print and Digital Ad Campaign

Watermark conceptualized and executed an advertising campaign that highlighted the brand's transformation. A mix of print and digital ads was created, strategically targeting both existing and potential customers to generate awareness and excitement.

Social Media Promotion

Watermark developed a series of captivating social media ads that directed traffic back to the updated website. These ads showcased the new brand and engaged the audience with relatable content that resonated with Cottrell's core values.

The outcomes of this comprehensive approach were impressive:

  • A cohesive brand identity that modernized Cottrell's image without diluting its legacy.
  • Increased engagement and positive feedback from both existing and new customers.
  • The website’s redesign and supporting marketing campaigns resulted in an increase of nearly 150% more new users visiting the site, above their quarterly KPI goal.
  • The advertising campaign generated a 144% boost in monthly branded keyword clicks from Google’s search engine over organic clicks.

This partnership highlighted the importance of clear communication and aligning designs with the business's core values. Challenges were addressed through ongoing feedback and adjustments, resulting in a brand change that preserved Cottrell's essence while meeting modern market needs. Watermark's collaboration with Cottrell showcases the strength of combining tradition and innovation. Their close work led to a successful brand update that improved their image and emphasized their dedication to quality and customer happiness. This case study emphasizes the worth of teamwork in achieving excellent branding. Moving ahead, Cottrell is ready to use their renewed brand for more growth and success.

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