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Colorado Siding Repair (CSR) is one of the fastest-growing siding companies in Denver, Colorado. Their growth and exceptional service have been recognized regionally and nationally among the siding industry. But they didn’t want to stop there. CSR came to Watermark intending to expand their business into new territories. Their first focus was to tap into the market in Fort Collins. They had a good pulse on the market in Denver, but wanted ways to expand into different areas to gain leads.

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Education First

Building off CSR’s mission to provide clients with educational information and to consult first as a partner, rather than offer a stale sales pitch, Watermark refined messaging, created a clear call to action and added value to their content. What CSR’s marketing was missing was a clear goal and direction for the buyer to take in making their purchase decision. We created targeted campaigns to educate viewers with valuable information that would give them the confidence and understanding to take the next steps in the sales cycle.

Providing Value

With all of the resources out there on siding, we wanted to create content and campaigns that are unique to Colorado Siding Repair, and would give their viewers and prospective customers a valuable educational experience. The first campaign created compared the different types of siding materials. There is one type of siding that CSR promotes as the best option for homes in Colorado, but their philosophy is to be transparent with their customers and give them all the information they need for them to make the decision themselves. Watermark developed a comparison table that took a look at five different types of siding for people to use as a resource while researching different types of siding. This information provides the opportunity for potential buyers to reach out to CSR for more details.

Optimizing For Traction

Watermark believes that no campaign should ever have the “set it and forget it” mentality. After the CSR inbound campaigns were live and gathering data, we reviewed the results and systematically worked through ways to improve these campaigns to better hit the pain points of the target market. We optimized and refined the campaigns to gain even more quality leads.

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