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Pepper Equipment Co. is a highly reliable supplier of agricultural equipment throughout North America.

Renowned for its commitment to the potato and onion industry in the western United States, Pepper has built a strong reputation for delivering top-notch products and unparalleled customer service. Pepper sought a revitalized brand identity and an updated website to align its brand with its esteemed standing and effectively communicate its narrative.

Pepper partnered with the Watermark team, comprising data-driven marketers and award-winning designers, to revitalize their brand and establish thought leadership in the agricultural equipment industry.

The solutions included logo redesign , producing engaging product videos and photos, comprehensive website redesign , SEO services , and blog content .

These efforts propelled Pepper's brand, increased search rankings, and positioned them as a top contender in the market.

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Pepper Equipment Co. achieved remarkable transformations through its partnership with the Watermark team. The statistics below highlight the success of their efforts:

  • Logo/Branding: The redesigned logo ensured consistent brand representation across platforms and their proprietary machinery.

  • Website Development: The user-centric website redesign captivated visitors and drove conversions, showcasing manufacturing, reselling, and AI technology for agricultural food processing.

  • SEO and Blogging: Targeted keyword optimization led the keyword "grading potatoes" to reach the top search position from 61, and other relevant keywords showed significant ranking improvements. Blog articles contributed to over 90% of all clicks coming from organic search.

  • Video Production: Compelling videos featuring warehouse machinery and individual equipment engaged and educated visitors, enhancing the website and YouTube channel experience.

  • Conversions, Form Submissions, and CRM: Implementing HubSpot as a CRM platform resulted in a remarkable 30% growth in clicks to "Quotes Requested" for each machine. The contact page had a conversion rate of 15%, surpassing the overall rate of 3%.

  • Trade Show Support: Watermark created cohesive, high-quality materials to make memorable connections at industry trade shows.

Pepper Equipment Co. successfully transformed its brand image, solidified its thought leadership position, and gained a competitive edge in the market through these achievements.

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