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Sep 25, 2023

Holiday Campaign Success: Essential Do's and Don'ts

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by Nicole Stiverson
A holiday campaign can supercharge brand visibility, engagement, and sales with the right strategy. However, navigating this terrain requires careful planning and avoiding common pitfalls. 
Whether you're a seasoned pro or a newbie to the game, there's no denying the immense potential this time of year holds for boosting your brand's visibility and revenue. 
In this blog, we'll help to equip you with the essential insights and tips to create successful and memorable holiday marketing campaigns that and bring cheer to your bottom line. 
So, grab your hot cocoa and let's unwrap the secrets to holiday campaign success!

The Do's of Holiday Campaign Planning

dos and donts of holiday marketing


… Start Early

Holiday campaigns aren't a last-minute endeavor; begin planning at least two to three months before the peak season.

… Set Clear Objectives

Success begins with clarity. Define for your holiday campaign. Whether it's boosting sales, driving website traffic, or enhancing brand awareness, clear objectives provide direction and benchmarks for your efforts.

… Understand Your Target Audience

Holiday shoppers have unique preferences and pain points. Conduct thorough market research to gain insights into your target audience's desires. Tailor your holiday campaign to resonate with their needs and emotions.

… Create Engaging Content

The holiday spirit is all about joy and celebration. Invest in crafting high-quality, engaging content that captures the season's essence. Employ visually appealing graphics, captivating videos, and compelling storytelling to captivate your audience.

… Leverage Multiple Channels

In the digital age, variety is key. 
Adopt a multi-channel approach to maximize your campaign's reach. Combine , social media, , paid advertising, and influencer partnerships to connect with your audience across various touchpoints.

… Optimize for Mobile

Ensure your holiday campaigns are mobile-friendly. A and seamless mobile experience are non-negotiable for success.

The Don'ts of Holiday Campaign Planning

donts of holiday campaigns


…Neglect Your Website's Performance

Your website is the gateway to your holiday deals. Remember to consider the importance of website optimization. Ensure it can quickly handle increased holiday traffic and loads to prevent customers from bouncing.

…Use Generic Messaging

Stand out from the holiday marketing crowd by avoiding generic clichés. Be creative and authentic in your messaging. Craft content that resonates with your audience and sets you apart.

…Ignore Social Media Engagement

is more than a megaphone for promotions. Engage your audience with interactive posts, contests, and user-generated content. Foster a sense of community around your brand.

…Overwhelm Your Audience

Respect your audience's inbox and browsing experience. Don't flood them with excessive emails or ads. Instead, be strategic in your communications to maintain their interest.

…Ignore Analytics

Don't fly blind. Failure to campaign performance analytics is a recipe for missed opportunities. Use to make informed decisions and optimize your campaign as needed.

…Have Unrealistic Delivery Times

Don't set unrealistic expectations for delivery times. Be transparent and realistic with customers about when they can expect their holiday purchases. Managing expectations leads to higher satisfaction.

…Neglect Post-Campaign Follow-Up

The holiday season is still ongoing once the campaign ends. Remember to follow up with customers. Show appreciation, gather feedback, and nurture relationships. Building loyalty lasts beyond the holiday frenzy.

Effective B2B Holiday Marketing Campaign Strategies That Work

b2b holiday marketing strategies
These B2B holiday marketing campaign examples emphasize the importance of simplicity, inclusivity, and goodwill. 
By taking a thoughtful and considerate approach to your B2B holiday marketing efforts, you can strengthen relationships, engage your audience effectively, and leave a positive impression during the festive season.
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1. Email Campaign with a Subtle Reminder

In , simplicity can often have a significant impact. Imagine a scenario where your business offers a product or service that could be influenced by holiday hours. An email campaign can work wonders here.
The Approach
  • Send out a friendly email to your B2B clients and partners.
  • Politely remind them about the importance of updating their holiday hours if applicable.
  • Avoid overwhelming visuals or holiday-specific imagery to ensure broad relevance.
Why It Works
  • It's a helpful reminder that doesn't assume anything about the recipient's holiday plans.
  • It respects the diversity of holiday observances among different businesses.
  • This approach is a gesture of goodwill and practicality, fostering positive relationships.
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2. Webinar Invitation with a Seasonal Twist

Webinars are an excellent way to engage B2B audiences during the holiday season. To make your invitation more appealing and inclusive, consider a strategy that focuses on the season without getting too holiday-specific.
The Approach
  • Host a December webinar and craft the invitation with wintery language.
  • Use terms like "warm up your strategies" or "navigate the winter landscape."
  • Avoid using overtly holiday-related jargon to keep it relevant to a broader audience.
Why It Works
  • It ties into the season without alienating those who may not celebrate specific holidays.
  • The language can resonate with businesses looking to make seasonal adjustments.
  • It expands the potential audience, making the webinar invitation more inclusive.
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3. Animated Banner Ads Spreading Positivity

can be a versatile tool in your B2B holiday marketing arsenal. For example, By using animation and a New Year's theme, you can convey warm wishes and positivity to your audience.
The Approach
  • Create animated banner ads with a New Year's message.
  • Use imagery associated with the New Year, such as fireworks or confetti.
  • Ensure the message is warm, friendly, and focused on goodwill.
Why It Works
  • Banner ads can be incorporated into emails and paid advertising, reaching a broad audience.
  • The warm message positions your brand as one that cares and spreads positivity.
  • It aligns with the season's spirit, regardless of specific holiday observances.
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Unlocking the Potential of the Holiday Season

Unlocking the full potential of holiday campaigns requires diligence and strategy. By adhering to the do's and avoiding the don'ts outlined in this guide, digital marketers can plan, execute, and optimize their holiday campaigns for maximum success. 
Remember, the holiday season is a time of preparation, customer-centric content, and data-driven decision-making. 
Happy holiday-ing!

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