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When you should migrate from your existing CRM to HubSpot |Watermark

Nov 23, 2022

Should You Migrate to HubSpot from Your Existing CRM?

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by Darby Kim
Considering whether you should migrate to HubSpot from your existing CRM solution? Here's what you should know:

How do you know if HubSpot CRM suits your B2B business needs?

Most B2B small businesses should be focusing on the core features that make up a successful CRM like:
-Standardized business processes
- Lead scoring and qualification
-Tracking and analyzing deals, leads, emails, and workflows
-Pipeline management
-Sales forecasting
-A dashboard that is easy to see and use
-Automation of repetitive tasks
As an (and a small business as well), the clients we help with migrating their current data to HubSpot usually fall into two categories:
  • The B2B business that over-purchases a CRM that under-delivers for their business size and needs.
  • The B2B business that has outgrown spreadsheets and is struggling to keep up with incoming leads--a good problem to have!
Which are you?

The business that over-purchases a CRM that under-delivers:

HubSpot vs Expensive CRM
You've worked hard to get your business where it is, and you want a CRM that works just as hard, which means paying for a top-dollar product, right? Not necessarily. 
When it comes to CRMs, the adage "you get what you pay for" doesn't always apply. Actually, it might be the opposite. Some small businesses are using an expensive, upgraded CRM with ALL the features to find out they only need the above features, all of which HubSpot offers with little or no cost.

The business that has outgrown spreadsheets:

Migrate to HubSpot from Spreadsheets
If your business expands faster than your team, you may have outgrown clunky spreadsheets to track your leads, deals, and contacts. You need a CRM that can keep up with the growth, so you can focus on what matters: your customers.
HubSpot CRM does just that. It provides all the tools you need to capture and track your leads, and it's flexible enough to grow with your business.
It might be time for a change if you need help keeping up with the leads coming in.

When it makes sense to make the switch to HubSpot CRM from other popular CRMs:

Migrate Data to HubSpot

Do you need an easy way to migrate to HubSpot? We've got you covered.

If you're considering migrating to HubSpot, you've probably heard that it's easy. And it is—if you know what you're doing. But sometimes it's better to let an expert help.
That's where comes in.
We have a team of partners who can help you make the transition from your existing CRM software to HubSpot simple and seamless.
Want to Become an Expert in All Things CRM? for Our FREE CRM Video Series.
Here are some of the benefits of hiring an to handle your CRM needs:
  • You'll be able to take advantage of all the features HubSpot offers, including its easy-to-use and CRM software.
  • You can migrate your data without worrying about losing critical information or getting stuck with duplicate records.
  • Our team will make sure your data migration is seamless so that nothing gets lost along the way.
Wondering how HubSpot, SharpSpring, and Salesforce Compare? 

hubspot vs sharpspring which is better?
Ultimately, the choice of CRMs is up to you and your team. We're confident that HubSpot can provide your small business with a high-performing, powerful solution tailored to your company's needs, and we'd love to help you get started. 
Watermark offers a host of services to help you with your migration and get started on the right track by helping establish the right architecture, upgrading your data, training your team on how to best use HubSpot to generate leads, and more.
Are you ready to make the switch?