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Oct 13, 2022

The Benefits of Using Video on Your Landing Pages

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by Nicole Stiverson
You've heard of it but are unsure what to do with it. Video on your landing page? It's a trend that's gaining steam, and for a good reason: did you know that companies that use video grow faster year-over-year than those that don't?
Video on different platforms
You have an opportunity to provide that information with video—and make your landing page stand out from the crowd at the same time.

How Can Video on Your Landing Page Benefit Your Users (And Your Company?)

Video is the most persuasive medium, and it's more engaging than text. Use video to benefit your viewers to provide:
  • Easy, on-demand access to information: Educate, demonstrate, and inform your users.
According to, would rather use video than plain text or a still photo to learn about a product or service.
Illustration of a video demonstration
Video is the way to go when you want to explain or demonstrate something. It allows you to show how your product works, how a service works, and more. Even if an image would be enough to convey what you're trying to say, adding some narration can help explain things better.

Build trust with consumers

Video is a great way to build trust with your audience. Video engages viewers and helps them visualize what you're talking about, making potential customers feel more comfortable and confident in your product or service.
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Video also makes it easier for you to connect with your audience on an emotional level. You can use video to demonstrate how dedicated and passionate you are about what you do while also showing consumers that they are important enough that they're worth spending time and money on satisfying their needs.

Video adds energy and life to your landing page

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Video is so powerful that it’s been shown to boost conversions by up to 80% in some cases. This doesn’t mean you should use video on every landing page or even every page on your website—it just means that when used correctly, video can help you grab and keep attention like nothing else.
And while it may seem obvious, there are still lots of people who use videos for the wrong reasons. For example, they might create a video with no real purpose other than “to be there” or “because we want our website to look good.” This is not what we want at all!
Instead of simply placing a static image on your landing page (or anywhere else), consider using video content that will engage viewers and improve their experience with the site (and hopefully lead them closer to converting).
Video brings life to your landing page by:
  • Conveying difficult-to-explain topics visually rather than through text and static images.
  • Show consumers your product or service in action, which helps them build trust with your product and brand.
  • Building brand awareness and recognition with prospects who may not be ready to buy yet but want more information about your company and its offerings.

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There are different types of landing page video

There are a few different ways you can use videos on a landing page:
  • Hero Landing Page Video: This is featured as the main visual on the page, like this landing page we created to promote our :
  • Supporting Landing Page Video: Appears lower down, below the fold, as a supporting asset.
  • Background Landing Page Video: A page with an animated background draws attention to your CTA.
  • Lightbox Landing Page Video: Use as a pop-up to play after the viewer clicks the CTA.

Best practices for filming, editing, and publishing your landing page video

There are a few things you need to know before adding that video to your landing page.
Illustration of video editing
First, make sure you have a strategy and script in place:
  • What is the goal of the video?
  • Who is your ?
  • What's the story you will be telling?
  • What's the tone of the video? Humorous? Serious?
  • What are the limitations your team faces with filming this video? Can it be done?
  • Keep it short and sweet! Remember your .
  • Establish a timeline for your video and stick to it!
Next, ensure you have the right equipment and software to film, edit and post your video on your landing page.
Sure, most smartphones can capture some pretty impressive content, but if you really want your landing pages to look professional, here are some tips and tools we use every time we film in our studio:
  • Use a tripod for steady video footage.
  • Make sure your subject is well-lit.
  • Invest in separate audio equipment.
  • Good video editing software like  , , , or makes all the difference in the editing process.
Don't have the time, equipment, or space for filming? According to video marketing statistics from HubSpot, 62 percent of marketers said working with an resulted in higher-quality, more professional videos.
Video is a powerful tool for marketers, and using it results in higher audience engagement with your brand, increased conversions, and ROI on your landing or squeeze pages.
When used correctly, it can be the difference between landing on your site or clicking away from it.
So don't be afraid to try something new!

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