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Dec 15, 2017

What to Look for in a Strong Creative Digital Agency

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by Gini Queen
Finding a digital agency nowadays is easy…but finding a creative digital agency?
That’s a bit more challenging. A creative digital agency not only knows the tactics to get your business exposure on the internet and social media, but also has the wherewithal to come up with the best foundational strategy before ever publishing a tweet.
Firms are popping up all over, jumping on the “digital marketing” bandwagon. Problem is, a lot of these start-ups are heavily weighted with individuals from the tech side—programmers and data analysts. While any digital agency worth its salt needs these left-brained geniuses on their team, there also needs to be right-brained creative, “kind of out there” dreamers who are constantly willing to push the virtual envelope and take the available technology to the next level when reaching target audiences via digital and mobile devices.
There are baseline standard “checklists” digital agencies use for any company’s online marketing efforts:
  • SEO has been applied
  • Social Media landing pages are consistently branded
  • Blogs are being posted on a regular basis
  • An automation platform has been put in place
  • Emails are being sent to addresses that have been collected via your CRM
But the key to a successful, creative digital agency is not what they use to deliver your digital marketing, but the strategy and innovation in using and applying those assets. For example, the digital marketing strategy and tactics used for B2B companies versus B2C companies cannot, and should not be approached in the same “cookie cutter” way with the same tactics being applied.


The main goal of a successful B2B, service-based digital marketing program is more than likely to generate as many new leads to become interested in your company, lead them through the process from being interested in your company to wanting to talk with your company and becoming a loyal, life-long customer.


Product-based companies’ digital marketing plans can bypass the initial “lead generating” phase and concentrate more on generating and enhancing a customer’s online experience through your website and social media interaction.
 are a few steps to make sure you select the right creative digital agency for you and your business:
  • Set clear and concise goals so you know the general objective of the project
  • Look at previous case studies and compare what the agency has done, to what you would be asking them to do
  • Consider more than just the skills of the company, research what resources are available to them as well
  • Hold a ‘chemistry meeting’ with potential agencies to discuss your goals, ask questions and see if they’re a good fit with your company’s culture
  • Select the agency you can see working on, not only the one but many projects in the future with
Creating a strong working relationship with the agency you choose to carry out your creative and inbound marketing strategies is one of the most important things to consider when selecting a creative digital agency. While there are many factors that go into making that relationship successful,  are just a few to take note of when meeting with potential agencies:
  • Based on your needs and objectives for the project, make sure their sense of urgency matches yours
  • Pay attention to the details - despite how small they may seem, they matter just the same as the design or implementation
  • Establish trust and confidence right out of the gate, hold the agency accountable for what they said they would or could do for you
  • The relationship should be two-sided. To explain further, the agency should prove to value you as a client and genuinely want to see your business grow.
Whether you are B2B or B2C, a creative digital agency will take the all-important analytical data (website ranking, keyword ranking, persona identification, etc.) and blend that “techie” information with dynamic, innovative visual and written content to grab attention, delight end users and gain recognition for your company by making you stand out head and shoulders above the cluttered digital crowd. After a campaign is launched and distributed to all the appropriate digital channels (B2B tends to use social media networks like LinkedIn and Twitter whereas B2C will institute PPC and Facebook. Instagram and Pinterest. Posts to keep in front of intended audiences.
Bottom line is the bottom line—after six months, measurement of your ROI and results from your Google analytics will tell how successful your digital marketing strategy is. A creative digital agency can be the difference between having your online presence “just there” vs. growing leaps and bounds.