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Headquartered in Denver, Colorado, Antero Resources Corporation is an independent oil and natural gas company with natural gas and NGL production efforts in the Appalachian Basin. Antero Midstream Corporation was formed by Antero Resources Corporation to service its rapidly increasing production activities. Watermark first partnered with Antero Resources/Antero Midstream in 2017 to design and produce both companies’ annual reports.

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Watermark designs both companies’ annual reports. After experiencing continued growth, Antero approached Watermark to help update and create a more cohesive brand across their materials. This refresh included updating both Resources and Midstream’s’ websites to help convey the larger company they have become.

A website audit was conducted, as well as an analysis of peer’s websites, to identify the most beneficial approach for the new website structure. Watermark also served as an advisor for Antero in developing a relationship with a new web host. Watermark also designed and developed a Sustainability microsite.

Watermark works with Antero Resources and Antero Midstream on other various efforts as needs arise, including corporate PowerPoint presentations, Investor Day materials and corporate social responsibility reports.

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