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Colorado BioScience Association

Services: Branding, Print, Web, Digital Marketing, Infographics


Colorado Bioscience Association (CBSA) creates co-opportunity for the Colorado life sciences community and champions a collaborative life sciences ecosystem advocating for a supportive business climate.

CBSA was in need of conveying a more progressive image based on its reputation for being a leader in the Life Science industry. Watermark was selected for this important effort.


Watermark was chosen to create CBSA's new brand, developing a viewer- and user-friendly website and supportive materials for CBSA's digital communications, to include social media, digital banners, presentation templates, business cards and stationery. A corresponding brand guide for proper and consistent identity guidance and application was also provided.

Watermark designed and developed the brand with new elements that more effectively compete in the dynamic life sciences sector. A more progressive brand will pay dividends by refreshing the CBSA position both internally and externally.

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