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May 8, 2019

Content Marketing—The New Era of Advertising

by Watermark
Inbound Marketing


So say farewell to the days of traditional, static advertising and say hello to the new age of content marketing.

Effective content marketing can allow your business to soar ahead of its competitors, but it takes a lot more than just writing down a few nuggets of wisdom you feel are worthy of sharing.


Although it takes time, writing down your strategy is very beneficial in creating useful content. According to the B2B Content Marketing Report, less than half (44%) of business-to-business marketers document their content marketing strategy or how it supports other inbound marketing tactics. Here are a few questions to consider when documenting your strategy:

  • What challenges are we trying to solve?

  • How will users find your content through search engines?

  • What is our intended outcome?

  • How do we engage our intended audience(s)?

  • What channels will we utilize to distribute/evaluate our message?

  • What it the ultimate desired action?


Now that you’ve established the need to document your content marketing strategy, you might be wondering what kind of content will actually be useful to potential and current customers? The truth is that the most relevant and consistent content will serve ALL customers, not just new ones. If your content doesn’t fulfill a need for your audience, the less likely they are to open it or share it. Here’s how your business can create useful content that will help your business reach its desired objectives:

  • Create relevant content for your intended audience(s) to share with others

  • Optimize your content to satisfy users and search engines alike

  • Share your content across multiple social media platforms

  • Incorporate multimedia (images, video, infographics) to engage users

  • Tweets with images generate 18 percent more clicks than those without images

  • Distribute content consistently

  • Track what works and what doesn’t (i.e. clicks, shares, retweets, likes, etc.) 


Measuring the effectiveness of your messages is a major concern for content marketers, however, this is where documenting your strategy comes to good use. When evaluating the effectiveness of your message, make sure to look back to your originally identified business objectives and determine how well the content aligns with them. The Content Marketing Institute identified four content metrics to evaluate your content:

  • Consumption metrics

  • Sales metrics

  • Sharing metrics

  • Lead metrics

Continue to evaluate and document each of these areas over time and make adjustments as necessary.

At Watermark, we specialize in content marketing strategy and would love to work with you to create quality content for your business.