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KPIs for Measuring Podcast Advertising Success

Aug 19, 2022

Podcast Advertising and Sponsorship in 5 Minutes

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by Nicole Stiverson
As the market for podcasting continues to grow, brands are increasingly looking at this form of advertising as a way to reach their target audience. Media buying is one of the most important digital marketing strategies and as podcasts increase in popularity more ad placements are possible.
A sponsored podcast is an opportunity for businesses to have an organic conversation with influencers and consumers by having the host or hostess of the show naturally speak about them.
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 The success of this kind of campaign depends on your ability to find hosts with large followings who align well with your brand's mission. There are many benefits associated with using podcasts as a marketing tool, including: 
  • Measurable ROI
  • Low cost per thousand impressions (CPM) compared to other types of digital media 
  • Better targeting than TV or radio ads alone can provide.
In this article, you'll find six insights to successfully advertise with podcasts. If you or your digital marketing agency aren't up to speed, keep reading or

Insight 1: Podcast advertising is effective for engagement and your marketing budget

Illustration of a smartphone playing a podcast
Podcasts offer a tangible and cost-effective form of advertising for businesses. On average, listeners are more likely to pay attention to podcast ads than other forms of online marketing. Podcast listeners tend to be loyal and engaged with the content they're consuming—they don't have time for distractions like banner ads or pop-up ads. Plus, the natural pauses between segments create opportunities for you to insert your message in between those breaks. It's also worth noting that many advertisers find the host or creator of a podcast willing to sell (sponsored) ad space within their show itself—which could mean increased brand awareness and higher sales figures down the road!

Insight 2: Key podcast metrics help measure and target your audience

Let's discuss the two main ways podcast advertising and sponsorships can be measured: reach and attribution.
  • Reach means the total number of people who heard your ad. 
  • Attribution is the number of people who did something (purchased a product, or subscribed to your podcast) directly because they heard your ad. 
Both are important for podcast advertising.
Common podcast targeting and research tools include:
  • Google Analytics and other web-based tracking tools
  • Audience segmentation tools like Audience Insights by Spotify or Audience Advocate by Podtrac
  • iTunes search terms and keyword data
There are other podcast listening platforms like TuneIn, Stitcher, Spotify, Google Play Music, Overcast and more.
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Insight 3: Podcasts offer an increasingly competitive reach compared to TV, print, and radio

First things first: podcasts are now the third most popular form of media (behind print and TV), with an increasing number of listeners every year. More people will be listening to podcasts than ever, and those listeners are increasingly engaged and committed to each episode they tune into—a much higher engagement rate than TV, print, or radio have ever achieved.
If we look at just engagement alone, it's clear why advertisers are interested in sponsoring podcasts. According to The United States has the most podcast listeners; approximately over active podcast listeners in the US.
For more podcast listener statistics, check out this article from
Podcasts offer a reach that's increasingly competitive compared with TV & print formats such as magazines & newspapers, mainly because technology has made it easier for anyone with access (that means anyone!)

Insight 4: Podcasting is ready for prime time

Podcasts are a fantastic way to reach your . They're a more effective means of communication than traditional advertising because they put you in direct contact with the right people who actually want to hear what you have to say.
As a , podcasts help build trust with your target audience by demonstrating that you genuinely care about their interests and concerns—and that they can trust what comes out of your mouth.
Want to start a podcast of your own? Check out our partner,
Finally, podcasts allow you to create an image for your brand that's unique and memorable—and one that gives potential customers something they can identify with or attach themselves to as part of their identity as fans or followers (or both).
Illustration of ‘On Air’ Podcasting.

Insight 5: Podcast sponsorship

A podcast sponsored by your brand is essentially an audio version of the banner ad. It's usually a 30-second to 30-minute plug for your company agreed upon by you and the host before the show's recording.
Podcast advertising is a great way to reach an audience more likely to listen to your message than someone who sees it on TV or in print. It's also more affordable than many other forms of advertising since podcasts aren't generally as expensive as other types of media. And since podcast listeners tend to be from specific demographics, you can target them specifically with messages tailored to their interests.
The best part? Unlike other forms of advertising—like TV commercials—podcast sponsorships allow you to track how well your ads perform and see exactly who's listening. This data gives you the ability to measure ROI (return on investment) for every dollar spent on podcasting advertising campaigns, so you know if they're working or not!

Insight 6: Podcasts are an essential tool for B2B marketing

Podcasting can be a part of effective . It's a great way to connect with customers, build trust and credibility, and educate them about your company's products or services.
Podcasts are also an effective tool for B2B marketers who want to ensure their audience is always up-to-date on everything happening within their industry. They make it easy for listeners to consume content when it's most convenient for them (e.g., listening at home instead of being stuck in traffic), which helps retain listeners' engagement over time.

So, what's the bottom line? Is podcast advertising and sponsorship worth it? The answer is a resounding yes! Now is the time to explore your company's unique and compelling medium. With its incredibly diverse audience, podcasts offer something for every marketer and brand. 

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