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video marketing in the manufacturing industry

Aug 23, 2023

The Power of Video Marketing in the Manufacturing Sector

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by Nicole Stiverson
In the world of B2B manufacturing, where marketing managers and owners are at the helm, the digital landscape has undergone a significant transformation. The prevalence of smartphones and seamless connectivity has ushered in an era of unparalleled online content consumption. 
Notably, the United States has witnessed an astounding in digital media usage amidst the pandemic, propelling weekly video consumption to an impressive 19 hours—a twofold increase since 2018.
This seismic shift in consumer behavior carries profound implications for the manufacturing sector, prompting a pivotal realization.
To remain in synchrony with today's discerning B2B audiences, an imperative has emerged: the seamless integration of video marketing into your strategic arsenal. 
Embracing this dynamic approach holds the key to forging agile pathways and fostering innovation within the fabric of your manufacturing endeavors.

Benefits of Video Marketing for Manufacturing Businesses:

  1. Niche product presentation: Videos effectively present niche manufacturing products.
  2. Boost in product understanding: of marketers say video has increased a user's understanding of their products.
  3. Appeal to tech-savvy audiences: Millennials and Gen-Z fuel the trend of tech-savvy visual marketing, making video an ideal medium for reaching them.
Discover a wealth of video marketing statistics on HubSpot's article: 

Inbound Marketing for the Manufacturing Industry

Man hands using tablet on blurred warehouse as background with illustration of a flywheel to show how inbound marketing works for the manufacturing industry. | Watermark
As digital-savvy decision-makers rise, becomes imperative for manufacturing sales and marketing.
It is a dynamic approach that captivates, engages, and satisfies customers by drawing them in with valuable content. 
Video marketing becomes a powerful gear in the inbound flywheel, informing, inspiring, and propelling the into the digital era.

Boost visibility, create engagement, increase leads and make more money with Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing is a powerful strategy helping manufacturers reach their target audience, generate leads, and build relationships with customers. If you're not using inbound marketing, you're missing out on opportunities to grow your business.

3 Key Strategies of Video Marketing for Manufacturing Success

Elevate your manufacturing prowess with these that guarantee success.
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Spotlighting Products and Processes:

Video marketing breathes life into products and processes, simplifying complex concepts and fostering trust and authenticity by showcasing behind-the-scenes clips.

Elevating Real-World Product Demonstrations:

Video marketing allows the spotlighting of unique product features through captivating visual narratives. It also incorporates real success stories and testimonials to resonate with the audience.

Virtual Factory Tours:

Video marketing opens up possibilities for offering immersive experiences, such as virtual factory tours. It allows potential clients to explore production capabilities and builds trust by showcasing safety measures and quality controls.

A Video Marketing Success Story: Pepper Equipment Co.

A perfect example of video marketing's power in action is with our recent client,  
They're a trusted supplier of agricultural gear in North America, particularly in the potato and onion industry. Pepper's reputation for top-quality products and stellar service speaks for itself.
Their video production was a game-changer. Those engaging videos showcased their machinery and equipment, giving a virtual tour on their website and YouTube. These visuals not only educated visitors but also boosted Pepper's digital presence.
Working alongside Watermark, their journey included logo redesign and captivating videos, resulting in remarkable outcomes. 
This partnership revitalized their brand, boosted thought leadership, and gave them a competitive edge.
WATCH: Trevor Baille, an experienced marketer in the manufacturing industry, talks digital marketing strategies with Watermark’s Vice President, Cameron Burns.

Planning and Executing Your First Video Marketing Campaign

Embarking on a video marketing campaign can yield remarkable results for manufacturing companies. 
The following step-by-step guide will help you plan and execute your inaugural video marketing venture successfully:
step-by-step infographic for video marketing manufacturing

Video Production and Marketing for Manufacturing FAQs

Video marketing of a production line, blurry in the background focused on hands holding a video camera. | Watermark
  • Do I need professional equipment and a studio? 
While professional equipment can enhance video quality, many smartphones, and entry-level cameras offer impressive recording capabilities. 
Utilize existing spaces within your manufacturing facility for authentic content.
  • Do I need expertise in video editing? 
You can acquire basic video editing skills through user-friendly software, but partnering with a skilled video editor or a digital marketing agency can guarantee polished results.
  • Where should I post my videos?
Distribute your videos strategically across multiple platforms, such as your website, , , YouTube, social media, and email newsletters.
  • What if I lack the team or bandwidth for video marketing? 
Consider collaborating with a digital marketing agency like Watermark that specializes in video production and can
  • How can video marketing benefit my manufacturing company? 
Video marketing offers increased brand visibility, improved engagement, enhanced , and the ability to convey complex concepts effectively.
  • What type of videos should my manufacturing company create? 
Align the video content with your goals and audience preferences, showcasing product demos, behind-the-scenes glimpses, customer testimonials, expert interviews, and virtual tours.
  • How do I measure the success of my video marketing efforts? 
Track metrics such as views, engagement, click-through rates, and conversion rates to evaluate the effectiveness of your videos.


Warehouse worker with a hardhat on holding a phone to record a video in the warehouse. Use-case for video marketing in the manufacturing sector. | Watermark
In the evolving manufacturing landscape, video marketing is crucial in building agility and innovation. 
By partnering with Watermark, a digital marketing agency specializing in video marketing for the manufacturing industry, you can elevate your brand, engage your audience, and secure a competitive advantage.

Unlocking Your Manufacturing Marketing Potential: Dive into the Future with Watermark

Ready to revolutionize your manufacturing marketing? Reach out to Watermark for a today!

Boost visibility, create engagement, increase leads and make more money with Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing is a powerful strategy helping manufacturers reach their target audience, generate leads, and build relationships with customers. If you're not using inbound marketing, you're missing out on opportunities to grow your business.