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Vision Graphics


Vision Graphics offers a full spectrum of data-driven solutions from print production and warehousing to fulfillment and marketing analytics. When Vision came to Watermark they wanted to group all of their pre-existing services together under one umbrella using their trademarked phrase “Tangible Marketing AutomationTM.” The new service is a complete marketing “package” not only including printing, but analytics, on-demand printing, automation, and on-demand delivery.

By partnering with Watermark, Vision Graphics was able to implement an automated workflow to engage prospective leads, create compelling supporting content to boost campaign conversions, and utilize actionable metrics to identify campaign success.

Services: Inbound Marketing, Marketing Automation, Web Development


Creating and warming up leads Watermark was able to generate new leads and re-engage with old ones with marketing automation. We promoted Vision Graphics’ Tangible Marketing Automation (TMA) services through the customer’s journey. We helped the promotion by creating an inbound campaign with a TMA guide that educated potential clients on how to implement a TMA of their own. Each email and social media post included a CTA to drive traffic to the campaign web page and a contact form.

In order to display how a TMA campaign worked and the capabilities of Vision, not only was it illustrated in the inbound campaign, we created a custom direct mail piece with the client's name printed in real-time and delivered within a day or two of them filling out the online form. We also used marketing automation to send the client through a digital nurture campaign with custom workflows that delivered targeted emails based on where the customer is in their buyer’s journey.

Fostering relationships instead of sales Relationships are what drive a company towards success. Building connections that bring clients back for future projects is measured by how good those relationships are managed through marketing. Vision Graphics’ inbound campaign was based around the persona types that would best deliver qualified leads to the Vision sales team. After generating leads, Watermark answered customers’ most commonly asked questions by creating supporting content such as:

  • Educational content
  • Gated whitepaper that outlined the concept and benefits of Tangible Marketing Automation
  • Corresponding social media content
  • Automated email workflows that identified the path of each lead
  • Custom content, such as personalized direct mail

Building an online presence Vision wanted to make sure the phrase “Tangible Marketing Automation” was associated with them in search queries. We delivered. By updating common SEO elements, prioritizing top level service pages, and improving inter-linking while adding relevant topic clusters, our team was able to make Vision Graphics the number one organic search result for Tangible Marketing Automation.

3 months after launch...

Vision Graphics now owns the number 1 spot for Tangible Marketing Automation on Google search, with Vision Graphics reporting a successful increase in generated leads and conversions.

33% increase in warm leads - These are customers that are pre-qualified to move through the pipeline.

80% increase in form submissions - While not necessarily leads, these are potential customers where we have acquired their information for future lead generation efforts.